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email : papergirlbristol@gmail.com for more information about the submissions address and how you can get involved.

Sunday 1 October 2017

Thank you and farewells!

A massive thank you to all the contributors that made Papergirl Bristol happen in 2017! Abi Bailey, Alisa Fineron, Alanna Brown, Andy Robinson, Anteaterart, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, April Owens, Carol Artist, Chelle Dixon, Daniel De Culla, Edward Peck, Kate Holmes, Kärt Einasto, Lisa Harper, Liz Cosma, Phillip Barcio, Phyllis Schwarz, Rebecca Warren, Ruth O'Leary, Ryan Gajda, Samantha Hawthorne, Sisters Uncut Bristol, So Ha Au, Sophie Sherwood, Steven Fraser and Susan Mortimer. Looking forward to 2018

And now to announce the departure of the current Bristol Papergirl team who have worked wonders over the 3 past years to grow Papergirl to where it is now. No doubt all will be involved in it's future one way or another! Big thank yous to Liz Mizon, @lizzyleedesign aka Lizzy Lee, @photosophiaus aka Sophie Sherwood, @dialmformurderousness aka Kate Holmes and @katjahuth aka Katja Huth. Follow them if you don't already to keep update with their goings on

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Our 2017 exhibition is just around the corner!

Hello! We've been rubbish with updating on here, sorry about that! We've been getting ready for this year's exhibition at Easton Community Centre! Come and join us on the 10th of June for the opening day celebrations, and be sure to grab a ticket or support us by clicking here. Please share this around with as many people as you can so we can ensure a good sum of money to help keep this vital community centre thriving.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

20 days to go!

Hey hey hey, we've only got 20 days to go for the open call of Papergirl Bristol 2017! Get your artwork to us by May 1st this year so we can hang it up at the lovely Easton Community Centre!
We're aiming to have a fun packed opening day in June with music, food and workshops galore! If you've got an idea for a workshop you'd like to run then let us know :)


Friday 3 February 2017

Happy 2017

Papergirl Bristol is in it's 3rd year!

We had an exciting 2016 with our 2nd open call, an exhibition in Phoenix Cafe and the start of our workshop series with Hydra Books and Roll for the Soul, which took us running into 2017!

Now we want to hear from you; do you have a skill you want to share with the world? Do you want to make a bit of sweet moolah? If so then get in touch! So far we've had Photography, Zine Making, Lino Cutting, Digital Colouring and Collage! We're all ears to hear what you have to bring to our creative table.

To kick us off in style, collage artist Katja Huth has decided to do a series of collage workshops in Roll for the Soul cafe. RSVP on the Facebook event page:


In other news we've released our next Open Call for 2017, so you have until May 1st to make and send your pieces to us! Email us at papergirlbristol@gmail.com for more info on how to submit your work to be exhibited and distributed by us for FREE!

Remember that the pieces you submit don't have to be specially made for us; if you have a piece of work which has been gathering dust in your portfolio, waiting for it's time to shine, then don't be afraid to send it to us :)

That's all for now!

Papergirl Bristol team





Friday 18 November 2016

It's workshop time!

Hi there, it's been a long 3 months, but we're finally here to say we have some lovely creative workshops for you all to enjoy in the wintery season! Please RSVP on the Eventbrite or Facebook pages:

December workshops
January workshops

If you have any questions for the workshop leaders then please get in touch! If you have an idea for a workshop to do with us in the future then again drop us a line: papergirlbristol@gmail.com
Otherwise, we'll see you there 😃

Monday 22 August 2016

Distro day!

Hey there :) We've been busy bees with the Papergirl Bristol distro this weekend! Because of the weather we weren't able to get out and about on our lovely bicycles, so instead we got in little Betty the black KA and ferried the fantastic donated artworks to venues around Bristol. We've left boxes of free art bundles in; the Alma Tavern, Tobacco Factory, Friendly Records and Hydra Bookshop! This is just the beginning; we still have half of the bundles left to dish out so keep your eyes peeled around your favourite Bristol cafes and creatives hubs. Here's us getting ready to set off:

 And a couple of snaps from the various locations that have generously adopted our art bundles whilst they wait for new homes:

Thursday 28 July 2016

More interviews, meet ups and distros!

Hey everyone, sorry for the recent silence, we've been having something that kind of resembles a summer break!

We're kicking off again before the distro next month (Sunday August 21st, all being well!) by having a meet up in Castle Park this Sunday to discuss the future plans of Papergirl Bristol workshops and the distro, so please come along if you can make it! For those of you that have Facebook, here's the link for the event:


For those of you that don't have Facebook; we'll be meeting by the ruined the church at 2pm to have a picnic and chat about everything Papergirl.

We also caught up with our friend Ryan Gadja (he did the amazing portraits of Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall from The Shining) here's what he had to say:

Papergirl Bristol Interview #6: Ryan Gajda from Papergirl Bristol on Vimeo.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Phillip Barcio

We caught up with the wonderful Phillip Barcio over email last week to get more of an idea of who he is and what he does. To start you off with his work, if you're unfamiliar, here's his brilliant and uplifting collaboration in New York City called 'I Love You'

Check out his website here. This is what he had to say:

PB: These interview questions are so thoughtful. It's simultaneously uplifting and humbling to be called an artist. I hope my answers are alright.

PG: When we started looking through your website it seemed to act like an immense cavern full of twists and turns to unexpected places- did you design it yourself and how do you choose what artwork to go up there?

PB: You have a sweet way of describing what I fear is a hot mess. My hope with my website is that someone might arrive there and stick around long enough to find something inspiring or funny or thoughtful. It's an OPP site (Other People's Pixels). They make WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) sites for artists. You can't sell stuff, it's just to share your work. As far as choosing what to share, I experience the most pleasure while I'm in the process of working through my ideas and turning them into aesthetic phenomena, but sharing the results can be a letdown. I wish sometimes that someone else could go through the mental process with me. Maybe that would be enjoyable, or maybe it would be a nightmare, I don't know. It depends how open that someone could become. The relics I make from my ideas are never as complete or truthful as the ideas that begat them. So they're for other people to find value in. To quote Joseph Beuys, whatever I end up making is usually just "the waste product, a demonstration."

PG: If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

PB: Work in progress.

PG: You're a multidisciplinary artist; are there any mediums that you want to try but have never gotten around to doing yet?

PB: I've never had an idea that manifested as sculptural. Something tells me I'm too much of a klutz. I've also never produced a full-length scripted film. I dream of it constantly. I hope it's in my future.

PG: Your interview with Fēlan is beautiful, especially the final question, how did you get involved with that particular zine?

PB: It was serendipity. But wait. First, thank you for telling me something I was associated with is beautiful. That's such an important thing for us to tell each other. You have no idea how much it meant to me just now to read that. That last question was meaningful to me, too. Anyway, one week a couple of months ago I received about 10 rejections for a short story I had submitted to 14 journals. I was feeling sorry for myself so I Web-Crawled the word melancholy. Fēlan came up in the search results because they happened to have a call for submissions out with that theme. The deadline was that day, and I didn't have any fiction or poetry that fit the theme. All I had was this photo I had taken of a sad-looking balloon huddled against the nut milk cooler at the grocery. It was quite melancholy, so I submitted it. When they accepted it, that really turned my mood around. It was the little push I needed to get going again.

PG: Have you got any projects in the pipelines that you can tell us about?

PB: I'm applying for the Warhol Grant for art writers. The money would pay for a survey I'd like to make of the abstract ways artists invent to share their work outside of the usual exhibition models. Paper Girl is a perfect example. So are Art Parades.

PG: How did the I Love You film come about?  Was it your idea initially, and did you end up writing a love letter yourself?

PB: Here's how that project came about:
In 2012 I lived in San Francisco. I ran a bar. My boss approached one night and said she was part of the "Secret Society of Creative Philanthropists." She gave me $100 and told me to give it away in any manner I saw fit. Then she invited me to a late night gathering in an old hotel where I would be asked to tell her group about how I gave the money away.

I accepted the $100 and had the idea to buy stamps and envelopes and paper and pens and to set up a table downtown next to a mail box and encourage people to write love letters. I went ahead and wrote "I Love You" on all the sheets of paper ahead of time.

Not many people stopped to write a letter, and many who did were homeless or destitute. They wrote letters mostly to their moms. After I finished up, it occurred to me that maybe I could do the project again in a place where there are a lot more people and get better results. I also thought that since some of the letter writers had asked if I wanted to hear their letters that maybe if I did the project again I could offer them the chance to read their letters on camera.

Years later I was living in New York and thought that Washington Square Park would be the ideal location to try the project again and to film it. Hundreds of thousands of people come through that park every day, from all over the world. Through serendipity I happened to meet a great indie producer, a photographer, an editor and two amazing hospitality workers who we're great at attracting people to themselves. That team volunteered to work on the film for free. I made it for $480 in between bartending shifts. The two days in the park brought us all to tears several times and cracked us up a lot, too. 100 or so people wrote letters. 60 or so read them on camera. I think it's radical proof of something universal in us all, that we care about each other. I'm really thrilled whenever someone watches the film, and I hope people copy the idea.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

The 2016 Papergirl Bristol exhibition is officially open! You can swing by the Phoenix cafe from now until the 27th of May to have a look and grab a coffee or some yummy lunch whilst you're there :) Thank you to everyone who has submitted their work for our exhibition so far! As an added bonus we have Papergirl Hannover sending us some more work to put up this week, so the whole cafe will be full of art! Keep your eyes peeled about our next drink and draw and any other workshops that might be springing up whilst we're there!

Monday 25 April 2016

Less than a week to go until our exhibition opens!

Sorry about the lack of posting here! We have our next drink 'n' draw happening next Thursday at Roll for the Soul Cafe from 6pm and then the Sunday after will be the opening for our exhibition :D

Friday 8 January 2016

Hello again

Tuesday 20 October 2015


Hello, long time no speak eh? Just thought we'd drop in and let you see some of the doodles from the last Drink 'n' Draw at The Surrey Vaults! It was a packed out night, and thanks to all of you who came! Distribution day is looming round the corner, news on that at a later date.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Hellohellohello! We have news coming out of our ears lately! In a quick turn of events we're back at the Edwardian Cloakrooms this weekend to exhibit the artwork sent to us from Papergirl Calgary! If you want to come and say hello we should be in the space this Saturday and Sunday between roughly 1pm and 5pm. If you want to come and use the space as somewhere to create art then please feel free!
Here's te Facebook event to shae around:


See you there!

We've also recently released our first Papergirl Bristol Interview with Benoit Bennett on our Vimeo page, so give it a look if you've got a spare 10 minutes:

Benoit Bennett Papergirl Bristol interview from Papergirl Bristol on Vimeo.

Thursday 6 August 2015

The last day

Hey everyone, Sophie here. Just a quick note to say today is the last day to catch our little exhibition *sad face* so if you haven't already, please come and say hi! We're open from 2pm until 8pm, but we may close early to take it all down ready for handing the space back tomorrow, so sooner is probably better than later.
We've been working hard to get some footage of the place this week and we've run some artist interviews for you guys to have a gander at. We're also working on a zine that will hopefully coincide with Bristol's Comic and Zine fair! More on that later.
Unfortunately the package of artwork from Calgary never arrived in time for us to exhibit it, but hopefully we'll get it in time to add the work to the zine and the bundles when we release them by bicycle in the near future, more on that later too.
For now, here's a lovely pic of James sat down with Lorna Leigh Harrington.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Papergirl Bristol Artists List 2015

Here it is, the final list of participants in this year's Papergirl Bristol. Let us know if you want us to add any other websites or if we've accidentally missed you off (we're only human!)

Wednesday 24 June 2015

We're well on our way

Good evening! We've been beavering away nicely collecting up the last pieces sent to us for our Papergirl Swap with Papergirl Calgary, and now they're all merrily on their way across the pond. If you're reading this from Canada, or there abouts, keep an eye out for the exhibition happening in Calgary on the 4th of July!
In the meantime we're preparing for our exhibition over here in lovely Bristol, and would like your help! If you're free between the 31st of July and the 6th of August please get in touch for volunteering opportunities (always good for the ol' CV!) as we'll be needing exhibition invigilators and general helper-outers whilst we're over at the Edwardian Cloakroom on Park Row. As of yet we haven't finalised opening hours of the space, but of course we'll keep you all in the loop. We're also hoping to do a free Life Drawing class at some point during the week, and another Drink and Draw whilst we're there for good measure!
If you have any ideas about activities we could do during our time at the Edwardian Cloakroom, revolving around all things Papergirl Bristol, then please do let us know :)

For now, we bid you adieu!

Thursday 28 May 2015

Just over two weeks to go...

Hello everyone! Are you all well? We hope so because the deadline for Papergirl Bristol is looming rather closely now, so get your creativity flowing and your fingers typing over to papergirlbristol@gmail.com!

This month we've been catching up with a few artists in person at our Drink & Draw and with Artist in Residence Rosie Faragher at the RWA for the Drawn 2015 exhibition- be sure to check it out! She'll be holding a workshop this Saturday 11:00 - 13:00, so if you're stuck for ideas and want to be surrounded by like minded individuals, we suggest you tag along and see what comes out of it.

Our next Drink & Draw is on the 6th of June at our usual place in Roll for the Soul but during the day this time at 15:00 - 18:00. More details can be found on our Facebook event page:


You can also spot it on the Bristol Cycle Festival programme which our friend Zoe Power illustrated!

Tonight we're attending the private view of Max Naylor at Howard Hocking gallery in Clifton. Max has already submitted some drawings at an impromptu Drink & Draw round at Papergirl Bristol HQ, but we're hoping he's going to give us a bit more because we love his stuff.

If you've got any exciting artistic news then please do get in touch, we love meeting you face to face as well as in the virtual world of the internet.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Interview: Lily Reilly

Hello Papergirlers! We've got a treat for you this Sunday; we've asked our very first participant in Papergirl Bristol 2015 to answer a few questions about her professional practice as an artist. So without further ado, we give you Lily Reilly from Cork, Ireland. Check out her blog here: petaltopetal.blogspot.co.uk

Why do you do what you do?

When I finished school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I took a year out- which turned into two years out. I have always been creative but during that time I started drawing and developing my own style in my free time and just loved it. I then met my husband and we both applied to study design together. We both got in and when we graduated he became a graphic designer and I went on to train as a teacher. At this point I was doing my own artwork in my spare time and was getting commissions. Shops were starting to stock my greeting cards and I thought that it was such an interesting area to work in, why not give it a go and see if I can survive! We moved to Berlin for two years and I worked at a fantastic stationery store which just made me realize what area I wanted to work in even more. When we moved back home to Ireland last year I set up a studio in our home and I run my little business from there. I come across different challenges almost every day and it isn't easy- if not working from home and for yourself can be harder sometimes as you have to be very self motivated and push yourself. Some of my friends don't understand why I don't just pick a 9-5 job and leave my work at the door when I get home (I can work until 10pm at night and almost always work 7 days a week so it's not very sociable!) but I don't do this for money, I do this because I love it!  There is something fantastic about working towards my own dream and not somebody else's. I have made much more money working for other people in the past, but at the end of the day happiness and a higher quality of living are more important to me. 

What’s your creative background?

I studied Design Communication and then trained as an Art and Design teacher at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork City. People often see that I studied at the Crawford and start talking to me about illustration courses but in relation to what I do with my own artwork I am self-taught. When it comes to the application part of my designs, photography, branding and those aspects of the business I learnt that when studying design. 

What's been your most influential experience?

Probably going to Rob Ryan's shop 'Ryantown' in Shoreditch and seeing all the wonderful ways that he has applied his designs to different products. The ceramic tile murals of his papercut designs in the shop are amazing! 

What art do you most identify with?

I love detailed work. As my own work is so time consuming I really appreciate the work that is skillfull and detailed and that a lot of effort has gone into. I also love work from the Arts and Craft Movement, and the whole ethos behind it- although it isn't always attainable, I feel that it is right. 

What’s your favourite piece of art?

That's an almost impossible question as I have so many! My husband and I have a lot of art in our home and one of our favourite pieces was a wedding gift from my Mother in Law (who is a traditional artist that trained at the Crawford College). It's an original chalk pastel piece of one of the Skellig Islands off Co. Kerry and it's so photo- realistic. People often think it is a photograph until they get up close and are blown away. 

What kind of research do you do for your work?

I work on every part of the business myself so sometimes I can spend a lot of time researching. I need to find out things like the best companies to order prints and supplies from. Some shops here will only stock work that is printed in Ireland and that can be quite a challenge as quality and cost are both important factors. A lot of people don't realise that each order costs a lot of money and is a big investment so I have to do a lot of planning before I get any new products made. 

What is your dream project?

I have a weakness for stationery so I would love to collaborate with a greeting cards company on a range of notelets or something like that. I would also love to collaborate with a clothing or accessories company. My list of dream projects is endless!

Professionally, what’s your goal?

I would love to collaborate with a company like Wild & Wolf, where the standard of quality is very high and designers can be part of the process. I have licensed my designs to different companies in the past and have been horrified by the experience so I decided to never license again unless it is with a very established company that creates very high quality products. Choosing to be an artist can often mean that you have a lot less money and feel pressured into making money from all the companies that contact you with blanket emails looking to license your designs. However, designers seem to forget that the products that these companies are making are representing them as artists. Why be associated with something poorly executed and low quality when you could have your work printed on beautiful high quality products? I'm not against mass production, collaborations just need to be done the right way and when they are they can really open doors for independent designers. I hope to always stay true to what I believe in as I have seen some brilliant designers really sell out. They end up with a lot of money in the bank but the products that are out there with their name on are misprinted and faulty and I don't think that is a great legacy to leave behind. Everything is online now and in the future, when I am old and can't pick up a pen to draw, my children (and hopefully Grandchildren!) will be able to look back at my life and what I have achieved, how I answered questions in interviews and what I believed in. I hope that they will be proud of me. 

Look out for more interviews with our artists in the future. If you feel like you really want to be interviewed, or want to send your work to be included in the project then please get in touch: papergirlbristol@gmail.com

Thursday 9 April 2015

Hey everyone! Long time no speak we know- sorry about that! We're back this month with a few new bits and pieces to get your creative juices flowing again. We're teaming up with Papergirl Calgary to swap artwork from Bristol with Canada for another Open Call for art! So if you missed the last deadline you've got another chance to submit it this time round, or if you want more of your stuff to get out there to the people across the pond then get submitting! This is open to absolutely everyone as always, so please spread the word around :)

Here's the new poster (created by Mark W Smith) and don't forget we're having a Drink & Draw at Roll for the Soul on the 17th! See you there :)

Wednesday 18 March 2015

2 weeks to go!

Heyhey! We can't believe the time is almost here to draw a close to the first stage of this years Papergirl Bristol! Today mark's two weeks until April 1st- the end of our first open call. It's been such a blast so far and we've talked to so many lovely people through the project, thank you to everyone who has supported us so far :)

So, we're now thinking about another stage to our submission process which will be a collaboration with Papergirl Calgary. Basically anything that we have submitted after our submission deadline of April 1st will be sent all the way over to lovely Canada to be exhibited and distributed there! You could potentially be an international artist, quite a boost for anyone's CV we would say. Look out for more information about the next deadline and our new poster for it in the near future!

To kick things off we're hosting another Drink and Draw on April 17th to get the ball rolling and to chat more about the next stage with anyone who's curious. The event is open to anyone, so if you've already submitted and want to put a name to a face please come along and say hi! And like before, please spread the word about as we can't invite people that we're not friends with on Facebook because of their new restrictive rules *sad face* here's the link:


Go forth good people!

Saturday 28 February 2015

Drink and Draw

Hullo there bloggers!

We're just dropping you a quick scribble to let you know we're organising a drink and draw get together on March 8th! To get an idea of numbers please go to the facebook page or let us know you're coming by dropping us a line at papergirlbristol@gmail.com! We're still unsure about the location so if you have any suggestions for a meet up space with room for drawing please do get in touch. 

Here it is:

Share it about!

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Getting social

Hey guys, we're getting more savvy with our social media lately and have got ourselves an instagram!
Just incase you weren't already aware we also have a Facebook page and a Twitter- click the links, go check 'em out and be friends with us :)
There's word on the street that we have our first submission floating around the royal mail service as we type! Can't wait!

Want a copy of the poster to print out and spread about? Give us a shout at papergirlbristol@gmail.com

Monday 5 January 2015


Hi there, it's Sophie here from the shiny new Papergirl team! I thought I'd just give you guys a quick post on what me and James are about and share the new poster with you!
I'm a photographer from the South coast of England who loves cats. I also dabble in craft and textiles when the mood takes me and occasionally I hold workshops in what I do. I've wanted to be a part of Papergirl since 2010, but living in a smaller community meant that it wasn't received in the way I'd hoped.
James loves drawing and being generally creative. He's come to Bristol from the South too, not too far away from me and we met through one of my workshops in Lomography at the Try This... festival in Dorchester. Last year he helped Try This... by getting more involved in the organising of the event, and we're still both in touch with the team there.

SO, on to the exciting bit! Here's the new poster; look out for it around Bristol soon and get in touch if you want to submit- papergirlbristol@gmail.com

Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Year, New Team!!!

So, it's about time that I write some news on here regarding the new Papergirl Bristol Team!  I am super happy to be able to announce that Papergirl Bristol will continue in my absence!  So, let's keep it short and simple...this is my last post and with it I say goodbye from me and a hello to them!  With a fresh start for the beginning of a new year I really look forward to all the new Papergirl Bristol happenings!!

lots of lOVe.
your ex-Papergirl, Jess

Friday 19 September 2014

Looking for someone to take over!

Hey Bristol!

This break turned into a 2 year silence.  The main event is that I have moved to another city in a different country.  So, if there is anyone left in Bristol that would like to take over the Papergirl Bristol movement, then please get in touch.  There is no pay.  What is needed is your time and love.  And you must be able to uphold the Papergirl legacy of being a non-commercial, non-profit organisation.  Seriously, it was such a fun project to run and it is pretty rewarding after all the hard work.  

Job Description:
Advertise the Open Call.  Collect the submissions, which is my favourite part of the process, it feels like Christmas every time a new parcel arrives.  Set a submission deadline.  Find a venue for the exhibition.  Make flyers.  Have the opening night!  Take the exhibition down.  Roll up artworks.  Fasten with our explanation "banner".  Get out on the streets!  Cycle and hand out!  And most importantly is  H A V E  F U N !!!
Warning:  You will be spending some of your own money to fund this project.  And quite a bit of your time, but your reward is definitely worth it.

It feels great to be part of a worldwide movement like this and also feels great to run something that works!  So yeah, if anyone is interested then get in touch for some tips and tricks.  And if anyone does take over, just remember to uphold the legacy.  Don't exploit the Papergirl name.  Get in touch through the papergirl e-mail address: papergirlbristol@gmail.com  If you get in touch in any other way I can't promise I'll see it.

Hope all is well in all of your worlds.
Papergirl Bristol

Sunday 16 December 2012

Taking a break.

Hey...we haven't been in touch.  Just wanted to let everyone know we are hibernating, and taking a small break from all the Papergirl excitement of the summer.

Hope everyone is having a warm and cosy winter.
lots of lOVe.
Papergirl Brisol

Sunday 9 September 2012

Yesterday was the perfect sunny day for the first half hand-out! Going for the final delivery in a couple of days!! Happy faces and smiles, as well as puzzled gazes and rejections were encountered! Oh the joy of gifting people! Stay tuned for more...

Friday 7 September 2012

Bristol Distribution.

Hi all!

We are looking for some more people to help us out with the Papergirl Bristol distribution.  It would be great if you are free.  Just turn up with you bicycles and bags or baskets for carrying the rolls.

We are meeting at 1pm at the top of Gloucester Road at the Royal Oak pub.

Let us know if you are coming, by emailing papergirlbristol@gmail.com
The more the merrier!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Papergirl Worldwide

Check out this new website for Papergirl Worldwide to make it easier to find Papergirl Projects all over the world.  THERE ARE 46 PAPERGIRL PROJECTS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!  That is soooo exciting!


Tuesday 31 July 2012

Delivery peeps.

This is a call out for anyone in Bristol interested in helping us distribute all of this artwork.  Please email papergirlbristol@gmail.com if interested.  Soopertydooperty, thank yous!

Thursday 28 June 2012


So, the exhibition was a success!  Thank you to everyone that came to have a look and enjoyed it!  So very happy about that!  Whilst we were cleaning the Looking Glass we found this pretty little piece all tucked away in a corner, and were wondering who left it there?  We love it!

If it belongs to you, get in touch!
And here are some photos from the exhibition!