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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The last day

Hey everyone, Sophie here. Just a quick note to say today is the last day to catch our little exhibition *sad face* so if you haven't already, please come and say hi! We're open from 2pm until 8pm, but we may close early to take it all down ready for handing the space back tomorrow, so sooner is probably better than later.
We've been working hard to get some footage of the place this week and we've run some artist interviews for you guys to have a gander at. We're also working on a zine that will hopefully coincide with Bristol's Comic and Zine fair! More on that later.
Unfortunately the package of artwork from Calgary never arrived in time for us to exhibit it, but hopefully we'll get it in time to add the work to the zine and the bundles when we release them by bicycle in the near future, more on that later too.
For now, here's a lovely pic of James sat down with Lorna Leigh Harrington.

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