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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Thank you and farewells!

A massive thank you to all the contributors that made Papergirl Bristol happen in 2017! Abi Bailey, Alisa Fineron, Alanna Brown, Andy Robinson, Anteaterart, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, April Owens, Carol Artist, Chelle Dixon, Daniel De Culla, Edward Peck, Kate Holmes, Kärt Einasto, Lisa Harper, Liz Cosma, Phillip Barcio, Phyllis Schwarz, Rebecca Warren, Ruth O'Leary, Ryan Gajda, Samantha Hawthorne, Sisters Uncut Bristol, So Ha Au, Sophie Sherwood, Steven Fraser and Susan Mortimer. Looking forward to 2018

And now to announce the departure of the current Bristol Papergirl team who have worked wonders over the 3 past years to grow Papergirl to where it is now. No doubt all will be involved in it's future one way or another! Big thank yous to Liz Mizon, @lizzyleedesign aka Lizzy Lee, @photosophiaus aka Sophie Sherwood, @dialmformurderousness aka Kate Holmes and @katjahuth aka Katja Huth. Follow them if you don't already to keep update with their goings on


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