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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Getting social

Hey guys, we're getting more savvy with our social media lately and have got ourselves an instagram!
Just incase you weren't already aware we also have a Facebook page and a Twitter- click the links, go check 'em out and be friends with us :)
There's word on the street that we have our first submission floating around the royal mail service as we type! Can't wait!

Want a copy of the poster to print out and spread about? Give us a shout at papergirlbristol@gmail.com

Monday, 5 January 2015


Hi there, it's Sophie here from the shiny new Papergirl team! I thought I'd just give you guys a quick post on what me and James are about and share the new poster with you!
I'm a photographer from the South coast of England who loves cats. I also dabble in craft and textiles when the mood takes me and occasionally I hold workshops in what I do. I've wanted to be a part of Papergirl since 2010, but living in a smaller community meant that it wasn't received in the way I'd hoped.
James loves drawing and being generally creative. He's come to Bristol from the South too, not too far away from me and we met through one of my workshops in Lomography at the Try This... festival in Dorchester. Last year he helped Try This... by getting more involved in the organising of the event, and we're still both in touch with the team there.

SO, on to the exciting bit! Here's the new poster; look out for it around Bristol soon and get in touch if you want to submit- papergirlbristol@gmail.com