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Friday, 19 September 2014

Looking for someone to take over!

Hey Bristol!

This break turned into a 2 year silence.  The main event is that I have moved to another city in a different country.  So, if there is anyone left in Bristol that would like to take over the Papergirl Bristol movement, then please get in touch.  There is no pay.  What is needed is your time and love.  And you must be able to uphold the Papergirl legacy of being a non-commercial, non-profit organisation.  Seriously, it was such a fun project to run and it is pretty rewarding after all the hard work.  

Job Description:
Advertise the Open Call.  Collect the submissions, which is my favourite part of the process, it feels like Christmas every time a new parcel arrives.  Set a submission deadline.  Find a venue for the exhibition.  Make flyers.  Have the opening night!  Take the exhibition down.  Roll up artworks.  Fasten with our explanation "banner".  Get out on the streets!  Cycle and hand out!  And most importantly is  H A V E  F U N !!!
Warning:  You will be spending some of your own money to fund this project.  And quite a bit of your time, but your reward is definitely worth it.

It feels great to be part of a worldwide movement like this and also feels great to run something that works!  So yeah, if anyone is interested then get in touch for some tips and tricks.  And if anyone does take over, just remember to uphold the legacy.  Don't exploit the Papergirl name.  Get in touch through the papergirl e-mail address: papergirlbristol@gmail.com  If you get in touch in any other way I can't promise I'll see it.

Hope all is well in all of your worlds.
Papergirl Bristol